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City Park and City Park West in Denver, Colorado

Today we're taking you on a Virtual Tour of the City Park and City Park West neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado!

Two pretty amazing neighborhoods, they're located about 10 minutes from downtown and are home to good schools and the beautiful park they are named after. Stick around!

City Park and City Park West Vibes

City Park and City Park West are located adjacent one another and about 10 minutes from downtown Denver and about 30 minutes to the airport. Collectively the two neighborhoods are home to around 8,500 residents, with City Park West having the majority at around 5,200 people. City Park and City Park West are bordered to the north by E 23rd Ave, to the east by Colorado Blvd, to the south by E Colfax, and to the west by N Downing St.

Respectively, City Park and City Park West are ranked the 7th and 13th Best Neighborhoods to Live in Denver by The combination of proximity to downtown, the good schools, and beautiful park, we can see why.

Speaking of schools, the neighborhoods are served by Denver Public Schools. In terms of High Schools, there is East High School which is rated an A+*. For Middle Schools, you have the Morey Middle School and McAuliffe Manual Middle School which are rated an A- and B- respectively*. For Elementary Schools you have Teller Elementary School and Cole Arts & Science Academy which are rated a B+ and C- respectively*.

Home Price Statistics

For City Park at the time of writing this, the median sale price for a single-family home came in around $645k. This comes in a bit lower than the Denver median of around $700k. Currently on the market for City Park, there are only two single-family home listings - $900k and $1.1m. There are 4 condo/townhome listings ranging from $428k-$1.1m. Approximately 63% of City Park residents rent, while 37% own.

On the other hand for City Park West, the median for single-family homes came in at nearly $800k. Compared to the Denver median of $700k and City Park median of $645k, City Park West is a good bit higher. Currently on the market for single-family homes, prices range from $450k-$2.8m. For condos/townhomes, prices range from $208k-$1.05m. Approximately 70% of City Park residents rent, while 30% own.

Pros + Cons


  • The namesake park - City Park

  • Tons of great spots to eat, drink, shop, and socialize

  • Beautiful homes

  • Very walkable

  • The schools serving City Park are rated well


  • Although not necessarily expected in the city, there is a lack of 'suburban' style amenities

  • Limited housing stock because the park is enormous

  • The Middle and Elementary Schools serving City Park West are less desirable

  • Cons associated with the city; alley parking, streets lined with vehicles, older infrastructure, etc

  • Colfax can be a bit hectic and has the occasional dumpy commercial space

For Fans Of

Basically if you like this area, you might want to check out these other areas 👇

  • Washington Park aka WashPark

  • Congress Park

  • Park Hill

  • Speer

  • Sloan's Lake

To Sum Up City Park and City Park West in Three Points

  1. Great outdoor space

  2. Tons of great spots to eat, drink, shop, and socialize

  3. Limited housing stock

As We Depart

Every day I help people who are moving or relocating to the Denver area, find the home of their dreams in one of the best metropolitan areas in the country! If you're looking for a full-service Real Estate company that specializes in these cross-country moves, or just across the city, look no further.

Welcome to Denver, CO - Make Yourself at Home!

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*According to

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